How to analyse microarray data with R

Wednesday 7th Sept at 1400-1700

Attendees are expected to have prior learning in R and RStudio.

This session covers the analysis of complex biological datasets, using microarray investigation with R as an example.

Session Outcomes:
At the end of this session, participants will be able to:
  • Consider protocols for microarray experimental design
  • Perform quality control on microarray data
  • Normalise and summarise microarray data
  • Evaluate microarray data using PCA and MDS
  • Test microarray data for evidence of differential gene expression

The microarray data files (CEL files), microarray slide probe layout and slide design files, and human miRNA annotation files are contained in this ZIP files that you should decompress so that the various files are in the same folder as the RMD file below that we will use.

The RMD file

A PDF of the above RMD file

Time-series miRNA data

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