Applications of Time Series Analysis

This session covers the key aspects of examining complex temporal data from any type of monitoring or recording system.

Learning Outcomes from the Series of Talks on Time Series Analysis & Applications:
At the end of this session, participants will be able to:
  1. Appreciate the broader concept of data where time is a factor
  2. Grasp such basic terms concepts as trend, seasonality, as well as cyclical & residual contributions in time series
  3. Have the ability to decompose a time series to such effects
  4. Be able to perform simple forecasting on a time series
  5. Be able to synthesize the results of time series analysis in concisely in writing

Slides from the Series of Talks (2 Up Slides):
  1. Session 1 Slides pdf
  2. Session 2 Slides pdf
  3. Session 3 Slides pdf
  4. (If time permits) Session 4 Slides pdf

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